Dernière lumière

Born in The Hague, the Netherlands, I have lived and worked in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris, before settling in the French Alpes de Haute Provence, where I have my studio since 2002.

I have “always” spent time drawing; I started painting around 1996.

I have followed numerous training courses with professional artists (model drawing and free painting), such as with the late Ben-Ami Koller (1948 – 2008), as well as at the Académie Libre of Aix en Provence, which helped me to perfect my self-thought basics.

I am fascinated by spaces, interiors, perspectives and light, as well as by the human figure.

My technique consists in superimposing rather fine layers of acrylics, translucent or with “drippings”, as well as of various mixed media such as inks, water colors, chalk, and charcoal, on canvas or on paper.