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 Château de Gréoux les Bains (group) • october 2013

According to Paul Klee, to paint is to make the invisible visible.

Painting is not only the objective representation of one’s surroundings.
More than being only a “photographic” or “picturesque” representation, a painting should convey the emotions or feelings of the painter. This in turn could result in the person looking at the painting experiencing certain emotions.
The representation thus transmits something that is underlying, that subtly mixes with the layers of paint of the picture or the lines of the drawing.

For instance, my interior paintings (the halls of an old castle, spaces and staircases) or my “outside” paintings (urban landscapes) try to summon the energy of a place, the “spirit of place” so to say.
More recently I have been attracted to reflections, in window panes or on other surfaces, which at the same time show various aspects of the same space.
The light captured in a space is like time come to a halt. Time that has thus been frozen in space shows of what it is made: countless layers of history, of events having taken place, of people having lived, having walked through this street, that landscape, this room. The painting is an encounter.
Time made light also opens for us the way to the future.
Between the doors closing on the past and the windows opening to the future, the spectator finds himself in the present moment.

Likewise, my drawings of nudes intend to communicate feelings showing through the gesture or pose that has been pictured: the human condition in the expression of the moment.
The drawings want to capture the various facets of the personality, what it has lived, its intentions and its hopes.
Thus its inner beauty is revealed to those who watch.

Rein Jan Prins

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